Energy Curable Ink

Pulse UV Series

Precision Ink is pleased to offer our Pulse UV ink system available for both sheetfed and web applications. Pulse UV inks are 100% reactive and provide exceptional performance on high speed equipment in demanding operations. Pulse UV uses a state of the art resin system and is formulated using no ITX or benzophenone. Our Pulse UV ink is an excellent workhorse system for use on a wide range of commercial and packaging applications.

Key Attributes: Exceptional Stability, Wide Water Window, Enhanced Cure Response, Easy to Run

Pulse UV LED Series

Pulse UV LED is a high-end workhorse UV system formulated for presses outfitted with the latest LED curing systems. This ink series provides the printer with the strength required to make colors pop while maintaining a wide water window, excellent press stability, and exceptional cure on a wide range of substrates. UV LED curing systems are the future of energy curable print. Pulse UV LED inks are formulated for use with the latest technology UV curing systems including HUV, LE, HR, LEC, and UV LED. These inks are highly reactive and provide excellent cure in a wide range of commercial and packaging applications.

Key Attributes: Excellent Stability, Wide Water Window, Exceptional Cure, Easy to Run

Pulse UV NPS Series

Developed specifically for printing on non-porous substrates, our Pulse UV NPS Series provides the additional adhesion properties required for this application. Maintaining excellent water balance, rub resistance, and fine print fidelity, this series of inks is a predictable performer yielding exceptional results.

Key Attributes: Excellent Adhesion on Non-Porous Substrates, High Rub Resistance, Can be Laminated

Pulse EB (Electron Beam) Series

The Pulse EB family of products is designed for electron beam (EB) cured printing on a wide variety of substrates. Inks from this series perform well at high-speed and do so with a wide water window and excellent press stability.

Key Attributes: High-speed curing, Excellent Adhesion, Wide Water Window