Conventional Sheetfed Inks

Primaset Series

Superior performance yields reliable results across a multitude of applications. Primaset’s unique formulation technology delivers consistently, even in challenging conditions. With a wide window of operation, balanced color reproduction, and positive drying properties, this series is an excellent choice for today’s pressroom.

Duraguard Series

The hard drying properties offered by Precision’s Duraguard Series make for a powerful tool to deal with difficult stocks and circumstances requiring maximum rub resistance. Using only the finest ingredients, Precision’s Duraguard Inks set the standard for rub resistance. Only premium raw materials are used in Duraguard Inks to provide excellent rub resistance, superior print quality, rich color, and high gloss.

Plastex Series

Reliable performance on non-porous surfaces is the trademark of our Plastex series. Its excellent drying and adhesion properties provide performance you can count on. Plastex was developed using a proprietary formulation that yields superior oxidative drying characteristics and excellent water balance.

Conventional Web Inks

Thermoplex Series

Precision’s Thermoplex Series is an exceptional workhorse heatset web system available in three tack ranges to accommodate a wide range of applications. Performance characteristics allow for quick start-ups, reduced waste, excellent drying, and print quality second to none on today’s high speed web presses.

Formsplex Series

The Formsplex Series provides excellent on press performance results in today’s high speed web no heat applications. Formsplex is available in three tack ranges to meet your individual requirements. Wide operating window, crisp color reproduction, and predictable performance are highlights this series will bring to your demanding pressroom.

Energy Curable Inks

Primacure Series

This series is our full UV workhorse system. Primacure provides outstanding results in a wide variety of applications. Excellent water balance, cure speed, and rub resistance coupled with fine print reproduction makes Primacure a powerful tool in today’s competitive pressroom.

Web Primacure Series

Precision’s Web Primacure Series has the same running characteristics as the sheetfed version of this series in a lower tack range formulated to minimize misting and provide enhanced cure speed to perform well on today’s high speed web presses.

Plascure Series

Developed specifically for printing on non-porous substrates, the Plascure Series provides the additional adhesion properties required for this application. Maintaining excellent water balance, rub resistance, and fine print fidelity, the Plascure Series of inks is a predictable performer yielding exceptional results.

Hybrid Series

Precision Ink is excited to offer a unique Hybrid ink system providing exceptional adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. This series handles similarly to a conventional ink, showing an improved water window with excellent press stability, can be washed up with many conventional press washes, and is even optimized to print with conventional rollers as approved by roller companies.

Aqueous Coatings

Precision Ink offers a full line of aqueous coatings. This includes everything from general use gloss and satin coatings all the way up to specialty coatings such as soft touch, pearl, and ink train coatings. Each of our coating offerings have been well refined over their millions of sheets of run time and can be trusted to deliver premium results.

Energy Curable Coatings

Ultracoat Gloss UV Coating

Ultracoat Satin UV Coating