About Precision Ink

Who is Precision Ink?

Precision Ink Corporation is a family owned and operated ink manufacturer founded in September 2009 with the vision of becoming the premier producer of printing inks and coatings. From day one we built our relationships on the idea that we do well when our customers do well. That mindset has helped drive our growth and feeds into the success of our customers. Precision Ink is one of the largest privately held and American owned paste ink manufacturers in the Midwest.

Our Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing our own product is critical to our long term success – so we went big. Over the past 5 years we have doubled our square footage and invested heavily in modern equipment. These investments allow us to produce higher quality products consistently by having complete control over formulation and manufacturing processes. Current production capacity exceeds 10 million pounds of ink per year. This capacity coupled with our dedicated employees makes us unstoppable.

Technical Capabilities

Investing in product development, equipment, and staff is a major part of our strategy for success. Fully equipped R&D and QC labs staffed with skilled formulators and chemists give Precision Ink a competitive edge by ensuring that our products consistently exceed our customer’s expectations.


We do well when our customers do well. It’s baked into the core of our business and is what drives us to provide best in class service. Our customers are our partners in business and we look to add value to their businesses. This value can be found in many places – including pressroom support, technical services, brand color management, and custom color matching. Our strategic location and close proximity to Chicago’s major transportation hubs allows us to efficiently service customers nationwide. Precision Ink also owns its own fleet of vehicles, allowing us to provide immediate service to customers in the Upper Midwest. We’re there when you need us.

We are Precision Ink and we are here to help.